• Tom DuPree III

Why Isn’t Logic Pro On iOS Yet?

I have questions.

I think a lot about the future of music creation, software and technology, and the tools that we will use to make music. And one of this biggest things that I keep coming back to lately is this:

Why is there still not a version of Logic Pro for iOS?

This is weird to me. Now, I know there are some good programs out there. GarageBand is good, and you can get into the nitty gritty with it. You can make a record, but it does not have the plethora of pro-level tools that Logic does.

That's why GarageBand and Logic both exist.

There's BeatMaker Pro, which I hear is really good, but I haven't used that yet, so I can't speak to how it compares to Logic. Then there's Auria for iPad, which I'm told is a very competitive DAW, so that might be something I'll look into as well.

But it just sort of mystifies me that Logic Pro is not on the iPhone yet. It just feels like a massive oversight to me.

I understand that Apple is a big company and they have a lot of moving pieces, but they do have a Logic Pro department. Logic was purchased by Apple and they absorbed the software and the dedicated staff for that pro level app (as I understand it), so it's not like they don't have the ability.

So, has Apple just forgotten about the fact that its pro-level audio users want their software and workflow to evolve along with everyone else's?

I mean, the natural progression doesn't seem that far fetched to me. My expectation is that Logic is going to continue to exist for macOS as it has for so long, but then it will simultaneously move to the iPad Pro. At first.

It's not a tough sell.

Right now we are still very dependent on the big screen / keyboard combo for our workflow, so the iPad Pro makes total sense. I recently got an iPad Pro and it is in so many ways comparable to a laptop. It is quite clear to me that they are definitely cannibalizing the laptop with that product.

But what about after that?

My theory: I believe there is going to be an integration of macOS and iOS into one software platform: appleOS (sounds good to me).

The natural progression is for every bit of software to exist seamlessly across phone, tablet, and computer.

But let's not stop there. Not long after that, the computer will cease to exist at all, and your phone or tablet will become your computer.

You won't have to work exclusively on your phone necessarily (you'll certainly be able to), but I believe that when you're in your zone, in your creative space, the phone will become your hub, much as your computer is now.

For example, right now I have my laptop on a stand at my desk. It is ostensibly a desktop computer. I don't use the keyboard on the laptop or the screen. It plugs in, it stays closed, and then it connects to a monitor, a bluetooth keyboard, and a mouse. But I love the convenience of being able to use it as a laptop if I so choose.

But pretty soon, I'll just trade out the laptop for my phone altogether.

But my question still remains: why isn't Logic on iOS yet? Maybe Apple is waiting to create one cohesive operating system first? Or maybe it is on the way and I'm simply not in the know?

Either way, it just feels like a matter of time to me. Apple has given love to plenty of other areas of pro-level users. Let's give audio some time in the sun.

If you have any answers, let me know. If you hear that it's coming, tell me in the comments.

I would love to have more answers to this than questions.

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