• Tom DuPree III


Transparency is one of the most underrated tools available.

In today's creative landscape, I think that the idea of transparency is something that really needs to be taken into consideration, no matter what you are making. If you're creating art of any kind–music, film, visual, drawings, whatever–the way that you can truly bring your audience into what you're doing is to be completely transparent about your process.

People have always wanted to see behind the scenes stuff like VH1's Behind The Music, documentaries, all of the sweat equity that goes into the creation of the art we love and cherish. But the tools to create that behind the scenes featurette or that documentary used to be really expensive.

You you had to hire a crew.

You had to get an expensive camera.

You had to find locations.

It was a lot of manpower and a lot of dollars, but that's all changed with the advent of the smartphone. You don't need a team, you don't need a crew, and you don't need a big budget to take people on the journey anymore.

And the benefit to that, aside from it being affordable, is that you also don't have to stagger and plan releases of content that showcases what's going on behind the scenes. You can just do it as you go.

People love story. Human beings are drawn to story, and if you're creating art today, you're creating a brand and the best brands are story driven. So the best thing you can do for your audience to get them to invest into what you're doing is to bring them along and show them the story.

And that means being completely transparent.

If you try to put on airs or fabricate your story, people will sniff that out. People are not stupid. People can see a fake, and they can spot it from a mile away. So you have to be transparent and you can't be embarrassed about that.

I'm not saying you need to pour out your deepest, darkest secrets on every video you make for instagram. I mean, you can. You do you.

What I am saying is don't be afraid to put your flaws on display. If you're making a record and you are not a good guitar player, but you want to play everything yourself, just own up to it. Don't try to doctor your videos and make it seem like you're better than you are. Just be who you are. Be transparent about it and show people what's going on in the process.

And on top of that, don't be afraid to show them the details of your process.

I know a lot of people are afraid to show all of the very specific things they do that helps them create their art the way they want to create it, but the fact of the matter is there is nobody who's going to create exactly what you do in the exact same way that you do it.

You could give someone all of the tools that you have, every plugin preset, every bit of software, every little trick, every keystroke that you use, and it's still going to come out differently than you would do it if they were to use the exact same tools.

So don't worry about somebody copying your style.

Don't worry about somebody using what you've come up with to create something cool because odds are they are never going to do it exactly the way you would do it anyway. And all that does when you share that information is build equity with your audience because you're being transparent, you're being honest, and honesty is what builds relationships.

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