• Tom DuPree III

The Mobile Future of Making Music, Part 2

I want to do a part two of making music on your phone.

I didn't get out everything I needed to say last time, so I figured part two? Why not? I can do whatever I want to!

So last time, I talked about how I think the future is going to be, or the very near future, rather, even the present, is going to be about making music exclusively on your phone.

There are people who already do it, but I really think that you're going to end up plugging your phone into your rig in the studio, or connecting wirelessly, more likely, and you're going to be editing the exact same session on your phone while you're traveling.

The reason I wanted to do a part two is this: I think that the tools, while currently more rudimentary than desktop, are already there. You can already make music on your phone. Is it more convenient to use a keyboard and a laptop or a desktop and a full rig? Absolutely. However, it is possible to make music on your phone, and even make very complex music on your phone, if you want to put in the time.

So my argument is this: I would suggest that we all start learning the workflow to create things on our phones.

In fact, prioritize making as much on your phone as you possibly can, not just music. Editing photos, writing text, posting–if if there's an app for it or a mobile friendly website for it, use it. All social media, everything.

I think we need to go ahead and start getting accustomed to the workflow of doing things on our mobile devices because there will be a day in the not-too-distant future when the laptop or the desktop is gone.

Screens are getting bigger, the interfaces are getting better, devices are getting faster. It's ultimately going to go that way anyway.

Will there be peripherals? Yes, but for now, I strongly, strongly advise that we all start learning the workflow because change is coming.

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