• Tom DuPree III

The Mobile Future of Making Music

Making music on your phone is about to be a lot more common than you think.

I was having a conversation with my buddy Vance yesterday, and we were talking about just doing work on your phone as opposed to doing it on a computer.

My phone is already faster than every laptop available, save for the ones that have been released in the last three years or so. Right? And it has more storage than most people's laptops.

Making music on your phone, while it may not be the most popular thing right now, you give it time and it is going to be the standard practice. I guarantee it.

I'm placing bets right now that there will be a day that I will walk into a studio, I take my phone, I plug it into a dock or even simply connect it wirelessly, and it populates the monitors, keyboard, attaches to everything. I'll still have my exact same workflow that I have now when it comes to producing, however my phone is the computer.

And then I can take that phone, I can update the session, I can edit that session, I can send files, all on the go.

Every platform–Logic, Pro Tools, Ableton–they're all going to ultimately build apps that work on your phone and have the same functionality as what you have on your desktop right now. And if they don't, someone else will. I guarantee it. It's the way things are going.

The phones are too fast, they have too much storage space, and it's too convenient.

The idea that I could work in my studio and then work on the same session on a bus or an airplane, on my phone, that is the wave of the future.

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