• Tom DuPree III

The Importance Of Iteration

I was listening to someone the other day talk about this idea of Iteration, the notion of improving with each successive version of something. It's a popular concept in the tech space, in building apps and things like that.

The argument is that, essentially, the first version of of something you put out should ostensibly be crap. And if you're not embarrassed about it, then you’ve waited too long to release your product.

I think this is an important concept to keep in mind when it comes to making music and making art in general.

We tend to think that if we put it out, it has to be perfect, and if it's not, then we're going to be screwed. And we only get one shot at releasing material. Otherwise we're dead in the water.

Well, that's not even remotely close to true.

Now, you should certainly take your time to put effort into making sure that whatever you're releasing is the best that you can make it at that moment. But iteration does not mean you should rerelease the same song repeatedly or work on the same piece of material over and over again. What it does mean is you should make a piece of art, do the best you can at that time, and then put it out.

Hit publish, and learn from the experience of having made that body of work. And learn from the feedback you get for it.

Take that newfound knowledge into the next project, work on that, hit publish again, and do that over and over again successively. Whatever you do, do not be afraid to release your material.

Keep making things, keep putting your work out into the universe, and each one will successively be better than the last.


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