• Tom DuPree III

Quality Control

Let's talk quality control.

A lot of the time when I am collaborating with other people, I will get something from someone that's on its way to release that I am surprised actually left their desk. This is not based on talent, mind you, it is based on effort.

It just kind of stunned me when it's felt like the person was trying to simply get the work done and move onto the next thing without taking into account that this piece of work is going to be reflective of you forever. This stuff lives on the internet forever.

My main point is this: you are your first line of defense.

You are your first line of quality control and you are your first and most important critic. I personally do not put anything out into the world, I don't let anything leave my desk, that I wouldn't be comfortable having someone hear immediately.

I don't send anything to a client. I don't send anything to a friend. I don't send anything to a collaborator that I wouldn't be comfortable sitting in the room with them and listening to alongside them at that very moment.

If that means cleaning things up, that means cleaning things up. If it means re-tracking things, it means re-tracking things.

It doesn't mean perfection. It doesn't mean getting blinded by the idea or the pursuit of perfection.

It simply means making sure a certain standard is being met.

Be your own first line of defense.

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