• Tom DuPree III

Put Your Skills To Work

The barrier to entry for creating art has gotten so much smaller.

Here's my argument: if you are a person who has been making art for a while or, specifically, if you are a person who has been making music for a while and have had a career of, say, at least five years and you play an instrument that requires some level of gear, then I think that the opportunity right now is ripe for you to create art with others around the globe.

The gate is wide open for you to be a remote provider.

The barrier to entry is so low for making music on your phone or mobile device that people aren't going out and buying $3,000 guitars. They're not going out and buying a full drum kit, or an acoustic piano, or a bunch of microphones to learn how to record themselves because they simply do not have to.

Sure, some people are, yes, but the majority are not. That's why music that uses keyboards and synths and stuff like that is so popular right now: it's so much cheaper to make.

So, if you have a drum kit and you can record yourself playing, if you have guitar gear and can record yourself, now is the best time ever to put those skills to work.

There is less competition coming into the workplace of gear-intensive recording, and you have more of an opportunity for a larger piece of the pie as long as you are willing to put in the work to grow your business.

So I strongly, strongly encourage anyone who has the means and the talent and the ability to record themselves using an instrument that costs money to get into, to start doing that.

We are no longer limited to the people in our neighborhood. We can now create music with others around the globe.

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