• Tom DuPree III

How To Win At Working Remotely

I am often asked the question, “How did you manage to build a successful business making music remotely and, more specifically, as a remote session drummer?” There are several answers that often come to mind, so here are three tips I use for winning the game of making music remotely.

1: Under-promise and over deliver.

“Wait, Tom,” you say, “what does that mean?”

Well, I don't say I'm going to give you one take and then give you 30, but what I do do is lay out what I'm going to give you and then give you just a little bit more. The files are a little more organized than I let on, the process a little more streamlined and a little bit cleaner. Essentially, I don't overstate or oversell what I'm going to do. I don’t set you up for disappointment.

2: Set your lead time longer than you need.

This is kind of an extension of the first one. I set my lead time longer than I know I'll need just in case I get backed up. If I need more time, I have it.

For example, if I tell you seven days and give your files to you in three, you're pumped, right? Much better than telling you three days and returning them to you in seven. This is kind of another version of under promising and over delivering.

3: Over-communicate.

Just communicate well, man. Over-communicate, over-communicate, over-communicate.

Musicians are historically so bad at communicating. Artistic people in general are just historically so bad at communicating. Talk to your clients. Tell them all the details, and keep them updated regularly. It will make all the difference.

These three principles have helped me a ton in my business and have led to a much more productive and fun experience. I hope they help you too.

Listen to the podcast: https://anchor.fm/tomdupreeiii

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