• Tom DuPree III

Hitting Publish

Let's have yet another conversation about hitting publish.

If you subscribe to The Music Stuff Show, then this is nothing new for you. But if you don't, single tear. I boo you. You really should. And if you do, thank you.

But if you subscribe to The Music Stuff Show, if you watch or listen, then you have heard me talk about hitting publish a fair amount. It's a big deal to me. It's a big deal to my co-host of that podcast, Vance.

We talk about it. A lot.

You have to hit publish on your work. It is the critical step to moving forward in building a career doing what you love. There is no replacement for hitting publish. There is nothing that can fill that void of your career and your craft.

You simply have to put stuff out. It sounds very basic because it is. But you might be shocked at how many artists will not release their material.

You can make and make and make and make as much as you want, but if your work never sees the light of day, if it never gets to eyeballs and earballs, then I'm not going to say it's pointless, but it certainly is not going to be fruitful for you, assuming your goal is to grow your craft and your career.

Companies call this market research. They will put out several different products on a small scale and get feedback or they'll submit their products to a panel or a group of people and get feedback from them that way. They are learning from their market.

We in the music world can do the same thing. I'm not saying you have to hit publish on every single thing at every single step, but you should be consistently hitting publish on works in progress in an effort to get feedback from your audience.

The way to do that is to be thoughtful about where you hit publish on certain types of content.

For example, with TDIII Talk, I hit publish on it through audio, written, and video. But I don't put the audio on every single channel. I don't put the written on every single channel. I don't put the video on every single channel. I mix and match and stagger what goes where.

You can do the same thing with music.

You put rough drafts, acoustic ideas, and beats on SoundCloud then put polished, finished stuff on Spotify and Apple Music. Put videos of your process on Youtube and Facebook and then snippets and smaller content on Instagram.

So you need to be thoughtful about what you're putting out and where it goes, but you should be hitting publish on your work regardless of whether or not it's the "final product".

The days of locking yourself in a hole and working on something until it's perfect and then putting it out are over.

The days of making things and not putting them out out at all need to be over, because if you do that, you are doing yourself no favors and you are only getting in your own way.

So hit publish. Consistently.

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