• Tom DuPree III

Auto-Tune Is Not The Enemy

Updated: Nov 19, 2018

Auto-Tune is not the enemy. The enemy is laziness.

If you're using Auto-Tune as a replacement for being good at your craft or for getting better at your craft, then yes, it is bad and you're not using it for its intended purpose, or at least not what the purpose should be, I think, in the realm of creating music.

Put in the effort to get better and have Auto-Tune as a tool to use to refine your process, to create efficiency in your process of creating and putting out good music.

If you don't take the time to get better, you don't take the time to pour into your craft, and you use Auto-Tune to create a great vocal track, then yeah, it's the enemy and you're undermining the possibility of getting better at what you do.

You're actually just taking fuel out of your own tank.

Don't use Auto-Tune for that. Use it to refine your process, to buy you more time, because ultimately, the time is what you want, right?

What makes someone an expert in their craft is that they can create something not just well but efficiently, whatever that looks like. It's a different amount of time for different things, but if it takes you a week working eight hours a day to produce a song and you can introduce some efficiency and cut that down to just eight hours in one day, that's a win.

So use Auto-Tune to create efficiency. Don't use it to replace the opportunity to get better at what you do, to improve your actual talent.

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