• Tom DuPree III

AI And Artistry

I want to talk about AI and why there's never been a better time to be an artist.

Artificial Intelligence is a hot topic right now. People are talking about the future of it–when are the machines going to become sentient? When are they going to destroy us? And when what jobs are the going to take in the process?

Generally speaking, as far as I understand it, when an industry is destroyed and a new one is created, more jobs tend to be created than are destroyed. The rub is that people just need to be reeducated to learn how to do those new jobs.

However, the main point of this is that if you are an artist or creator, I think, with the rise of A.I., now is the absolute best time to be in a creative field. Because though machines may one day create art for mass consumption, that is a much longer way off than them being optimized to drive a nail or put a car together, which they already do.

So there has never been a better time to be in an artist because, relative to many other professions in the face of machine growth, you're safe.

One of the key factors, I believe, that makes art so beautiful and makes art so connective for all of us is the fact that humans are the ones making it.

While you may enjoy seeing a basketball game between two teams of robots, you really want to watch the basketball game because you want to see what human beings are capable of, what they'll do, what solutions their problem solving will provide.

The same goes for making art. One of the big reasons we're attracted to art is because we love to watch other people doing things that not all of us can do.

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